Peter was born in Leicester UK on 4th March 1962. From an early age he had an avid interest in natural history and in particular ornithology. He started his interest as did many boys at this time, collecting eggs, but soon realised that he didn't have a good head for heights and it was far more interesting watching the birds and finding their nests than actually removing the eggs. A lab technician at the local comprehensive turned out to be a keen birder and he and a group of boys would regularly visit Norfolk and experience its variety of habitats and wildlife. Peter went on to study biology at York University and after a variety of jobs and voluntary work trained as a teacher and taught secondary science.

Peter's interest in drawing and painting also started at an early age and by the time he took his A levels in 1980 he was using oil paints and watercolours with some success. Forged by chance meetings with artists such as ESP Rawstron, Brian Cotterill and laterly Gary Martin, Peter has enjoyed the tuition of some past masters in the use of pastel, oils and printing. Peter belongs to a local art class where fellow students a source of inspiration. He has been providing pen and ink drawings for the Cley Bird Club Newsletter for nearly 20 years. His first exhibition was held in Shipley Yorkshire in 1992. Since then his work has been published in several magazines, journals, county bird reports and books including 'British Birds' and 'The Essential Guide to Birds of the Isles of Scilly'. An unusual self portrait can be found here.

Peter now lives in Norfolk and is married to June and has two boys, Jack and Ben. Ben has recently shown an interest in art and is showing real promise. A gallery of his work can be found here. Ben Sewell

As a committed Christian Peter finds that God's creation is inspiration enough to keep him going!