Apr 2009

cuckoos and migrants

I heard and saw my first cuckoo of the spring this morning. I make a fairly realistic cuckoo sound by cupping my hands together and blowing between them. It fools the early spring migrants and they circle around me trying to locate the rival or mate. After a couple of weeks they get wise to my mimicry and ignore it. Other migrants arriving this week included grasshopper warblers on the marshes around Hellesdon and whitethroat. The weather remains settled and warm which seems to be bringing in the birds.

courting doves

I watched a pair of woodpigeons ( not exactly doves but close) on the roof opposite my brothers house last weekend in the Cotswolds. I was fascinated by the angles created by the roof, hedges and field and decide to compose a picture to express this relationship. The picture took hours as it is done with a 0.5mm Rotring pen on paper. The picture is for sale at £50 and can be seen under the gallery section here: woodpigeons

exotic locations

I have been very interested in the pre-raphaelites and their use of colour and symbolism so I decided to attempt a picture embodying the spirit of a pre-raphaelite painter. This is the result. The figures are my own family. I have set the scene in central Spain which enabled me to go mad with purple and ochre. I am still going to work on a few small aspects of the picture but most of it is as I planned. What do you think? The finished item is quite large and measures 76x51 cm.