Dec 2014


The whistling of wigeon is a permanent feature of the Winter landscape which is Buckingham marshes just East of Norwich on the banks of the river Yare. I visited the marshes on Christmas Eve and was treated to a good range of birds which included 300 golden plover, 500 wigeon, 15 ruff a male pintail and a number of marsh harriers. The most spectacular sight however was the corvid ( crows and rooks) roost at the end of the day - some time after the sun had set and the freezing temperatures started to invade my toes - in they flew in droves - flocks of 500 at a time - the sound of jackdaws bouncing of the frozen ground. The numbers swelled to an impressive 30,000 before they all took to the air and moved to some local woodland to roost. A ritual of decades if not centuries old. Amazing!