All the images are of original pen and ink drawings for the Cley Bird Club and published in The Cley Bird Club Newsletter over the past fifteen years. The drawings are all black ink on white paper. Most drawings are between 10cm wide and 15cm in length. Some of the images were drawn on irregularly shaped pieces of paper. This is obvious from the image and reflects a time when many of these were scribbled in the back of cafes when first Nancy's and later the Beach Cafe were the haunt of Cley birders. The shout of 'cup,pot,mug! ' will bring a smile to the face of older birders who remember Nancy's in its hey day.

All images are signed by Peter and are mounted on card ready for framing. If you are interested in purchasing any of the images please send Peter an email letting him know which picture you would like and your postal address. A cheque for £5+ £1.50 postage and packing should then be sent Peter who will send the artwork out to you.

If you would like the images framed then follow this link. Frames

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White fronted goose
Bean geese with pink foots
Red backed shrike
Pallid Swift
Bar tailed godwits
Spoonbill 2010
Lesser grey Shrike 2010
red necked phalarope 2010
Empidonax sp. 2010
Hooded crow 2010
snipe 2010
puffin 2010
bullfinch 2010
White winged black tern 2009
Spotted crake 2009
Buff breasted sandpiper 2009
Lapland Bunting 2009
spoonbill 2009
woodcock 2009
Red throated diver 2009
black guillemot
bean geese
black bellied dipper (2008)
terek sandpiper (2001)
grey phalarope (2001) Grey Phalarope 2 SOLD
little gulls
king eider SOLD
stilt sandpiper (2005) SOLD
collared pratincole (2005)
slavonian grebe (1999)
red throated diver
snipe SOLD
wryneck (2005)
osprey (2002)
heron and eel SOLD
bearded tits (2001) SOLD
avocet (1998)
blue winged teal
snow buntings (1999)
sandwich terns SOLD
Ortolan bunting
mediterranean gull (1994)
pintail SOLD
Merlin (2002) SOLD
redstart (2007) SOLD
oystercatchers (2001)
purple heron (2006)
red breasted goose (1994)
reed bunting (1996) SOLD
ring ouzel (2001)
whitethroat (2005)
sedge warbler (2006) SOLD
yellowbrowed warbler (1999)
Olive backed pipit
waxwings (2004)
whimbrel (2004) SOLD
waders at dusk Cley marsh (2003) SOLD
Kentish Plover